Thursday, 24 October 2013

It Is All in the Genes...


When my sister was young, maybe 15, she was a mad music fan. She rang Kids in the Kitchen ( an Aussie band with some fame) and told them she was from a radio station and wanted to interview them. She was to meet them before their gig at their hotel.

She came out and told Mum and Dad and asked if they would take her

Surprisingly the answer was kind of "No way go to bed silly child". Not what she wanted to hear but quite understandable looking back. For a variety of reasons including:

  • It was about 11pm on a Friday night
  • Cost of petrol to drive 1 1/2 hrs each way
  • Age of said ambitious teenager
  • "Yeah, sure, I'll let my daughter go to a rock band's room late at night"

Hello, not going to happen. EVER

So, my sister went on to work in a radio station and interviewed many a band. She was to put those superior b.s. skills to good use which paid off.

My Miss T is not too dissimilar

She went to One Direction and had a ticket to the Sound Check Extravaganza (at a mere $300 per ticket - she paid every red cent. Unlike her 2 friends who were given their tickets and went to Sydney too to see One D with airfares, hotels etc. Hello, are some parents mad!)

At the Sound Check, she got to ask the band a question. She said girls all around her were screaming while she was calm as. So her question was to ask them to play truth or dare and she dared them to give her and her friends a hug. They agreed so she was able to hug all band members and be one of 7 girls to go backstage.

Because she was so mature she also got a poster signed by all of them.

Her impression of it all? Apparently the boys were a bit short and smelled like boys, sort of sweaty. She thought they might smell of soap or aftershave. Nope, just like a typical boy.

Starstruck she ain't. No photos or videos were allowed so all she has are memories and a poster.

Her Aunty would be proud

Ciao for now...


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