Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Please Note...

Miss T wanted to wear a white version of these today to school

Not her usual school sandshoes


She wanted a note

"What for?" I said

"Don't call them sandshoes" she said. "I need a note so I don't get detention"

"Oh" I said. Then I said "No, I'm not writing you a note so you can wear shoes to school that are not the school uniform"

"Oh" she said. Then she said "If you loved me you would write the note". Then she said "If I was the Mother I would write a note"

"Oh " I said, thinking to myself "Didn't she pay me money so I would upgrade the sandshoes (or whatever they are known as today) to Nikes?"

"I didn't have time to put my correct sandshoes on" She said. (Please substitute the word sandshoes with the current acceptable description of sports shoes. I can't remeber. I'm sure it isn't sneakers or joggers. What else could it be? CLearly I would h-a-t-e to be uncool)

"Ok" I said, "I will write you a note, but it will say Dear Teacher, my child is choosing not to wear her usual sports shoes for some reason only known to her. Please note they are not wet, lost or been chewed by the dog. Kind regards..."

"I am too busy getting breakfast" she said. "You wouldn't want me to starve"

"Oh" I said. "Maybe you shouldn't have stayed in the shower so long or perhaps got out of bed earlier or even changed your shoes whilst we have been debating this most important of topics"

"Oh" she said. Then left for school with her white Converse on. I did point out that I wouldn't want to wear them to school where they would get all dirty...

So when she came home this afternoon I said "How did you go" and she said "yeh, I got a ground duty". So I said... "imagine that"

Ciao for now...


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