Monday, 14 October 2013

just A Walk Down That Lane...

A selection of the portfolios

So there I was, doing the tax. Finding those elusive receipts and searching for all bank statements from July to Dec, no doubt kept safely in a safe place, as safe places are designed to do.


The Silver Fox is no help. He just said "haven't you done that yet?"

So, with a burst of vim and vigour Saturday night became productive and I located all wayward flotsam and jetsam.

Done and dusted. Off to the accountant. Yay!

But, now that the Teenie girl is working, I find myself waiting up later than my usual bedtime to pick her up. AND, I find myself being (gasp) productive.

During the primary years, the school did up portfolios to show off class work for that year.
In my searching frenzy for wayward scraps of paper, I came across said portfolios, found the school photos and also put in the school report cards and Naplan tests. Tick, tick, tick.


I started to flick through them,walking down that gorgeous memory lane and wondering where I can keep all this paperwork until the kiddies are old enough to appreciate the love, the effort and the outstanding organisational hoarding skills (what do you reckon? when they are 30 should be old enough?).

Children have a habit of growing before your very eyes and it was kind of amazing to see exactly how much.

The gorgeous Miss T

Miss T aged 5 1/2 to 15

Master T aged 6 to 13. Awww

Are you the keeper in the family? I also have sort of one of these each for the Silver Fox and I with report cards and awards. Good fun to look back on.

Ciao for now...


  1. Oh yes. I am the 'keeper'! And the keeper wants her space back!. There are going to be some receivers over the next few months - they can never say their mother isn't a 'giving' sort of person - as long as they understand the note saying they are not 'boomerangs' is very very serious!!

  2. Very good looking offspring there my friend! Kid #2 requires a picture of himself in prep and I was searching everywhere for the photos of that school year - they must be with the tax stuff cos I just can't find them - found every year but the Prep photos! ( that 's kinder in NSW) grrrr


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