Monday, 11 November 2013

Exam Time...


I now have two high schoolers who are busy studying for exams. An hour here, a break, an hour there

Master T seems to be getting the hang of all of this at last thank goodness. He has come a long way this year from "what assignment that was due last week?" to dare I say striving and achieving. He still needs to focus a little more " hey I got 15 out of thirty for a practice test today (!), oh wait, I think it was 25. I got 3 wrong..." So, I'm not really sure how he will go but he has requested a study book, palm cards and quiet time so fingers crossed.

Miss T is generally quite self directed and does pretty well but I still check in with her to make sure. Her part time work was getting way out if hand as she was usually working 5 nights per week for about 5 hours per night. I had to put a stop to that as she was only working 2 hours less than me a week. I think her boss was a bit cross as she only has one shift this week but hey, I'm more than happy for her to concentrate on studying.

I have made nutritious meals, added vitamins and iron, made yummy lunches and made sure bedtime is at a reasonable hour. I also add a bit of exercise in there for stress management and like to talk to them about their subjects so they can explain certain aspects to me. Not sure if they have cottoned on to my ploy to help them consolidate their knowledge but I think talking about it helps to sort it in their mind.

I think it is important to establish good study habits now so I insist on the same. Master T usually takes a while to settle into studying but I have finally worked out if he is snitchy, I should feed him.

So, we are in for a quiet week, no friends, no tv, just hard work.

ciao for now

just Martha xx
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