Sunday, 3 November 2013

just A Moroccan Zhush...

I am hyperventilating! I have been stalking outdoor rugs on the Internet for my little outdoor area. There are some heavenly styles out there but not being able to feel them or see them I was unsure of how they would actually look AND the rug will need to stand up to lots of wear and tear, dirt, dog, rain... My family think I am mad but I think a little zhush is required.

So, imagine my surprise when I walked past a shop at my local shopping centre and found a plethora or said rugs for sale. I mean the exact brand and all. Hello? My local shopping centre is really stepping it up. So, I am off to get a rug today with my birthday money. I really wanted a black and cream rug but alas, they do not make the size I want so I decided on....... ORANGE! And the rug is reversible.
I know. SO risqué for me. I'm usually a very conservative girl. AND I bought a cube too. It is made from plastic and to care for it just wash with water. Sounds alright to me.

So, I will post a little updated pic when I have sourced new cushions and maybe a plant or two. The area is subject to rain so the Silver Fox is looking for potential solutions including shutters, roll down blind or stacking doors.

Bit excited!

ciao for now

just Martha xx
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  1. Love love love your cube Martha, looking forward to seeing you new rug, it would seem no outdoor area should be without one these day!!!


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