Saturday, 2 November 2013

just Hair...

We are at the hairdresser Miss T and I. She had a bit of a disaster with a "rinse" that turned out to be permanent. She started off blonde, went orange and now has a lovely regrowth t-h-a-n-g a happening.

So, she has saved her money and here we are to get "sorted". She wanted to wash her hair this morning but I said the hairdresser would do that. She was surprised. I guess her beauty experience had been limited to a $15 special with Trev the hairdresser at the local. Not today. Today she is going the whole hog. I must remember to tell her not to swim this afternoon and ruin the whole thing.

She has been in deep discussion with the hairdresser about streaks, regrowth two colours. Apparently it is very fashionable to have dark roots and it would seem people actually pay to look like that! I must be getting old because to me that is a home job gone wrong and you can't afford to go to the hairdresser. Fashion! It knows no limits.

So, here we sit. Her in the chair with foils and colours, me catching up on my blogging. Miss T will then see a different hairdresser for a cut which hasn't been done for 18 months.

We have negotiated. She is paying for half and I am paying for the other. The joys of having a working child! Here is the before and after photo.

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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