Friday, 22 November 2013

Pay Me...


Okay so we were going about our day, chores, bins out, clothes down the chute. Miss T worked last night but finished early and Master T and I watched a movie (Red 2- that Helen Mirrin was sooooooo funny). Exams over so just chilling.

I made ham and salad wraps with cheese plus fruit and snacks and I gave them $3 for tuckshop as a treat.

We have jobs to do. Miss T empties the dishwasher, Master T takes out the rubbish and on bin day puts the bins out. The usual. No free rides here. Much anyway.

So this morning saw me nagging for clothes down the chute so I can wash today instead of Saturday and Sunday so I can relax on the weekend. No dishwasher emptied. Miss T had asked Master T to do it since she has been bringing in the mail as Master T lost the key and his hand doesn't fit in the opening to the letterbox where as hers does. He agreed but decided not to do it.


I took back the money from both of them for tuckshop as payment for doing their chores. Yep $6 should cover emptying and filling the dishwasher and pain and suffering. I did it calmly and quietly. I like to keep them on edge sometimes and not be predictable.

They slowly handed over the money over, put their clothes down the chute and Master T even put extras in the bin on his way to the school bus.

Me? I'm $6 richer, am waiting for the washing to finish and have tidied the kitchen. Off to take Mamma to the hairdresser then to lunch. Dog walked and fed. Cycling class completed.

Off to enjoy this wonderful day

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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  1. Did you take yourself out for a good cup of coffee?



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