Monday, 18 November 2013

Sushi Celebration...


I have taken the Teenies out tonight for dinner to sushi to celebrate finishing exams. I am just relieved as they are to be honest. I have been supporting, cajoling, reinforcing. Miss T is quite self directed but does need reminded to putt he phone away,set the timer and study, study, study.

Master T also needs support but can argue for a good 20 minutes as to why he doesn't need to study for an hour. I have employed my education skills and take him outside, get him to ride his skateboard and ask him questions. I find by keeping his body busy he can organize his thoughts more. I ask him questions to check his knowledge of the subjects and get him to use his lateral thinking skills.

"Why does iron rust?"
"What is an alloy and give me two examples including use and hardness..."
"What does DESIGNED and SAFE stand for?"
"Give me an example of a SAFE design used in the past and still in use today and explain why certain products don't work today"

I have learned a lot too. Very interesting this Year 7 business. It even looks like fun.

So, now we wait for the results.

ciao for now

just Martha xx
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