Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Birthday Girl...


It was my birthday today and I am currently in bed after a long, happy day filled with love and happiness.

Aaahhhh, the joy

I have had texts, phone calls, emails, been to dinner and chatted to the Silver Fox a few times. I am feeling very lucky. Lucky to have my health, my family and friends and to be loved. The silver Fox was here for the weekend and it was so lovely to do the ordinary things again. To watch him pottering around was sheer bliss.

One pressie I did get was a FitBit. I am in love...... It measures my steps, active time and distance covered. I can enter my food and fluid intake. It also does a sleep cycle and tells me how long I have been asleep and how often I have been restless and awake. That is my favourite bit! So now I can see how much time I really sleep as often I am plagued by nightmares and being awake.

I love it. It is kind of hard to make 10,000 steps I have realized too.

So, a big thank you. To my friends and family. Thanks for all the best wishes and all the love. One of my gorgeous friends also arranged a special card from my Mum to me. I had thought those days were lost forever. How thoughtful is she?

So dear Bloggers, I have had a lovely day and appreciate the wonderful people that make up my everyday

ciao for now

just Martha xxx
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  1. So glad you had a wonderful birthday. Mine is right around the corner.



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