Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Little Trip...


Well the holiday at home continues and we are off on a little trip to our nearly city to do some touristy things. Yes we did live there for near on 16 years as a married couple but left when Miss T was 8. So, back to do some sight seeing. I have chosen a lovely boutique hotel right in the middle of the city. The Silver Fox will hop off the train and walk 100 meters to meet us. Pretty fantastic I reckon.

I can't decide if I should notify our friends to meet us for dinner or leave it for this time. Maybe leave it as we are not even catching up with the Silver Fox's family either having only recently seen them.

We will do markets, museums, shops, restaurants... The lot!

The stay comes with breakfast so yay and yum! We have someone staying in our house to mind our pooch so all will have fun. We have an option to book for an extra night while we are there so perfect!

That will be soon but for now I have been... 'asking' the Teenies to do chores like sweeping the garage, tidying the pantry and drawers, do the washing.... How absolutely lovely to come back to a tidy house! Thanks kids! Bliss!

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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