Friday, 17 January 2014

Master T-isms...

I took the Teenies shopping yesterday for school supplies and the like. We got take away at the shopping centre, shopped for books, shoes and some dress clothes. As you do.

Master T always adds a sense of wonder to the trip. It is interesting watching him grow, listening to his chatter on the long car trip and his view of life. He has grown 6.5cm in the last few months. I'm not sure where life will take him as he has kind of a different view of the world. I think he needs to set higher goals for himself.

You decide:

*He wants to be tazered. By the police.

*He wants to grow his hair long enough so he can taste it

*He is very keen to have a suit. Always has from the age of 3. He also wants a gold chain, gold earrings and a gold watch. And he wants them now and then he will be set apparently. He assures me he doesn't want to be a pimp. Or a gangster. Or a drug dealer. Good to know

*And he wants to wear his cuff links

*He wants to grow his mustache until he is asked by the school to shave it off

*He wants to own his own jet

We are heading off to the big city next week and he wanted to make sure he was going to be dressed appropriately. Apparently at the recent funeral we went to he felt 'ashamed that he was terribly underdressed'. He had on black pants and a short sleeved button up shirt. I did point out that he probably needed to stop growing before we get him a suit due to the monetary investment and he is only 13 so has a few years to go.

He doesn't get his sense of style from his Dad. Whose favourite fashion accessory at the moment is his double plugger thongs from Proserpine!

So, Master T continues to delight and exasperate with each passing minute which is exactly what a 13 year old should be doing

.......... Gold earrings?........... What the?

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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  1. Well, I haven't read a list of 'wants' like that before from a 13yr old!! lol! Tis good though, he is his own person, blazing his own trail!

  2. He is an individual. They say parents should watch their children and see what they are good at as a potential career direction for when they are older.,hmmm, not sure where my Master T is going as yet!

  3. Thats very cute, I hope that moustache isnt going to start any time soon, he he he. My girlfriends 11yr old wants a smoking jacket like Maxwell Smart, my 11 yr old however doesnt even know who Maxwell Smart is. They are all so different, its great!!

    1. Funny yes. Hey congrats on the shop and the start of your house. Can't wait!


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