Thursday, 23 January 2014

Welcome to the Real World....


Well, as you might remember it is school holidays and as I work, there are few options to supervise my children. At nearly 16 and 14 some wise parents assure me they need MORE supervision than ever.

I would agree

However it is a tricky age so my strategy this time has been to leave them loads of chores. Big chores. I believe I need to turn them into responsible young adults.


They have been putting the washing on, hanging it out and folding it before bringing it in. Apparently I need to be very specific with Master T as he lacks any lateral thinking "you told me to wash it but didn't ask me to hang it out.."

Alrighty then. We have had the pantry and cupboards to sort, dinners to be cooked, rooms to clean and tidy, beds to be made, a certain dog to be walked. Miss T does a mighty job and is now relieved of her 1 month grounding (don't ask) after 2 weeks due to her superior organizational skills. Master T was shocked to learn that she could "get her sentence reduced for good behaviour". Hello! Hope he never goes to jail.

So today Master T needed to tidy a room including vacuuming. Sound easy?

Well, Master T is sporting a HUGE hicky on his cheek. It is so huge I can't look at him.


Well, I have realized for a while that menfolk like to do things that border on dangerous ie barbecuing, mowing with no shoes etc...

When I look at a vacuum cleaner I see, well a vacuum cleaner. Do you?

Not Master T. He was enjoying sucking up his hair, his lips and obviously his cheek. I'm not allowed to take a photo to post on this blog as I am being 'inappropriate' apparently. It is a doozy!

So as we are getting ready of our trip to the big city, Master T has some new threads as he wants a bit of style.

You won't notice them though. All you will see is his lovely hicky on his cheek. Pity as he was keen to show some style.

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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