Friday, 31 January 2014

School is back...

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My kiddies go back to school today. Friday. You have to ease your way back into these things. They have the weekend to recover. Apparently.

They will be glad to get back to school. An opinion strongly voiced by Master T



I made the Teenies cook, clean, tidy, hang out washing, make beds, iron, walk the dog like 5 km...


The lists were l-o-n-g!

We had sushi, chicken burgers, hamburgers, pasta...

Miss T does an outstanding job tidying. OUTSTANDING ! She tidied the pantry to perfection. Better than I could have done

There were also punishments for jobs not done, sassing the Mumma or being generally uncooperative. Master T is banned from the computer for 10 weeks. Yup! The message is "don't sass the Mumma". I also upon occasion took his phone and the modem. Mean? Well, I like to look at it as my life messages making an impact and being heard. Being really heard.

So, day off today for me. I will revel in the silence for a while and then look forward to them coming home with all the news.

Have a happy day. The Silver Fox is hunkered down in a cyclone up north and has just gone to check if the roads are flooded.

Ciao for now

just Martha xx

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  1. Yes, we are all back in business, 2 high schoolers now! And yep, I am about to lay down some serious deprivations BIG time too. It is hard to consider what is punishment these days isn't it?


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