Friday, 28 February 2014

Be Kind To You...


I work in health education and have a strategically placed box of tissues on the desk. They are used frequently, at least 3 times per day to stem the flow of tears of sadness, of frustration, of hurt.

Or maybe I am just really mean to my clients.

Naaaah, I think what the issue is, is that I ask the hard questions. The questions relating to anxiety and depression, of coping with life, with stress, with pain. Depression and anxiety are really common. What is uncommon is to talk about it. To acknowledge it. To acknowledge life gets in the way.

I am interested in how people cope, what they know their triggers to be, what they do to get rough life.

Most of all I am interested in whether or not people are kind to themselves.

Are you kind to you?

I liken us to a car trip. When we are going on a trip we check the tyres, the radiator and fill up with petrol. Would you agree? We really wouldn't venture into the never never with a tank half full of petrol.

However, we do this to ourselves every day. We just keep going and going and going until we run out of energy. And then we still keep going.

Sound familiar?

We are not so good at filling up our own tanks are we?

What if we took just 20 minutes to do something for us every day?

Mindfully. By this I mean consciously saying to yourself "I am going to do this for me". Now I can hear some of you saying you don't have any money or any time. Well, you have 1440 minutes in your day so surely 20 minutes of that is okay. AND what you do doesn't have to cost money, you could sit on the step with a cuppa and stare at the trees. It doesn't matter what it is. It is a time for YOU.

YOU I tell you. Even better if you find a hobby once per week and your family will know at this time you do your hobby, not the sports run, nor the shopping, not make the luches. Your hobby for you.

One thing I have noticed is that it is becoming an epidemic this anxiety and depression and about 90% of my clients who suffer the most don't have hobbies and don't take any time for themselves. At all.

So, Sweet Bloggers, I pose a question: what do you do for you to fill up your petrol tank daily?

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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  1. I see your 90% and raise you! Yes, WHO have deemed anxiety and depression in the Western world as pandemic. I love your analogy of heading off into the the never never only half full of juice...might borrow that myself! So true what you are saying, I just wish more people would take heed!

  2. Oh, i didn't answer the question! What do I do to recharge? Hmm, lately I have been practicing mindfulness when I hop into bed, I usually do a surf around my fave blogs and social network - this make me feel connected. I also straighten up as much as possible before I go to bed, so I wake to good order - help set a positive scene for the next day!


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