Thursday, 27 March 2014

just Smells...

Master T has turned a wonderful 14 and was keen for some aftershave for his birthday. I did need to point out that it's use didn't take the place of showers and deodorant.

Well, he is 14. So I went in search of something suitable. There was over 1000 new fragrances released last year alone so it gets a bit tricky to choose. He did like something that was in the shape of either a gold bar or a gold $ sign. Hmmm, I still remember him wanting a suit, gold chains and earrings so maybe not. EVER!

Smells are very important aren't they. I was born in England and we cam to Australia when I was 3. I went back by myself when I was 21 and my Mother's request was to bring her back cinnamon lollies from her home town. As soon as I smelled them it brought back amazing memories: people'places, me staying the night in pink sheets somewhere, being in lifts on rainy days... It was quite incredible for me, particularly because I was so young when we left.

When Miss T became a teenager her Aunty bought her Tommy by Tommy Hilfinger which is so young and fresh and will always remind me of both Miss T and my sister.

There are lots of not nice smells too but generally smells can change emotions, appetite, moods... The list goes on.

I have a few favourite smells and the Aussie bush is one of my most loved. Probably from horse riding for hours and hours when I was a teenager.

What's your favourite smell?

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