Wednesday, 19 February 2014

How Embarrassment...


Okay, I'm not used to being embarrassed. Oh, lots of things happen to me that I SHOULD be embarrassed about but I just think "meh". Life is just too short to worry.


I have been the most embarrassed of late. I mean pink cheeks and "oh my" sort of embarrassed.


Texting, autocorrect, lack of vision... Take your pick

I blame the skinny font on the iPhone for a myriad of woes. I mean heck, who can read that! I also blame sunshine, the beach... The list goes on


My muscle bound, non- married gym instructor has the same christian name as Master T and both are in my phone under said christian name. One is followed by something defining like "gym" but essentially all I see when texting in a hurry is the first name. Hence I am blaming the font and me not wearing glasses when writing texts on the run.

So, I m-i-g-h-t has text the gym guy asking him to meet me at Woolies to do some shopping.

Eek! I did send another text apologizing but really?

Okay, I might have sent another text that was totally innocent but did, upon retrospect, sound like a total porn-name pick up line. Sheesh.

Set the scene? Well, the Teenies and I were at the beach with the dog and Master T was being a pain. So, I sent him home with a "you and your dirty mouth go" or something equally dramatic.

He did

But the dog then spent ages watching the path waiting for him to come back

So eventually I sent him a text to point out the dog missed him and was waiting for him. The text went a little like this "Ginger missed you and wants you to come back". True, the dog's name is Ginger so it all makes sense if you know that.

Master T didn't come back so eventually Miss T, the dog and I went home and then the Teenies and I went out for sushi and shopping in the afternoon. I mentioned to Master T that I thought he would have returned to the beach but he told me he didn't get any text from me. Oh oh! Some hours had passed by this stage. Long enough for others to read the text. If you get my drift.

So, I again sent a text back to the gym instructor about being the wrong person. He has my number so he knows it is me who is sending these random invitations. I saw him the next day and he laughed and said he was looking for a lady wearing a red wig in Woolies.

Heavens to Betsy. It is all I can go now to look him in the eye. I have changes my address book in my phone and taken his first name out but in true helpful Iphone style it is still suggesting him so I can't really promise it won't happen again.

I feel quite horrified that it sounds like such a coded pick up line.

Today he asked me if Ginger was a cat. I said no it was a dog but have the overwhelming urge to show him the dog to prove my text was innocent. I won't though. I will try to downplay the event and move on but sheesh.

Eek! I even feel like telling him my real porn name wouldn't be Ginger but would be Hillsea Benjamin after the first house I lived in and my first pet ( Cocker Spaniel named Benjamin Franklin).

Naaah, I might just quit while I am ahead.

Any embarrassing stories out there?

ciao for now

just Martha

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  1. I am laughing so hard with tears in my eyes! I even shared this with Mr G who also thought this was hilarious! Soooo sooooo funny!

  2. The real worry is how I know what to do to work out my porn name! Who am I!


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