Friday, 7 February 2014

Yo Mumma...


It is hard to impress my children. Maybe it is hard to impress all children but I am definitely uncool to them. They don't need to think I'm cool because I know I am. Way cool and they too will know it in about 20 years time. However, I do apparently commit crimes frequently. Here is a little examples but not limited to those listed:
* Having spiky legs
* Contemplating wearing a tracksuit out in Winter to soccer for an 8 am game
* Wearing my reading glasses over my sunglasses at the beach ( okay I will give them that one. Way uncool but a girl wants to read sometimes you know?)
* Dancing in the kitchen with my husband
* Kissing my gorgeous husband
* Wearing green snakeskin ballet slipper. In public


I recently had the opportunity to leave Master T with his jaw on the floor and his eye opened wide

I amazed him. I was trè cool, uber cool, I rocked. I had to t-e-a-c-h him!

What was it?


Yup. I was super cool with a yoyo.

As I spun that baby, walked the dog, went around the world and whipped up a baby in a cradle, he watched with jaw-dropping amazement.

Yup! Yoyo Mumma!


Okay, I'm might have lost a little credibility when I told him how when I was young, Coca Cola sponsored teams that went around the world doing yoyo tricks (not me). Both him and Miss T thought that sounded rather lame.

But, I had my 15 minutes of being cool in my son's eyes. That's probably all I will get. Oh well. I do have my yoyo tucked up in my wardrobe. Next to my recorder actually. Just waiting for an opportunity to whip that little baby out! ( don't think that will actually count as cool -ever)

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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  1. Coca cola yo yo's right? Super pro model? Yeah baby! Very impressed that you can do baby in a cradle! I think you are uber cool!


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