Sunday, 20 April 2014

just In Time For The Holidays...


Ahhhh, school holidays here. They arrived just in time to see Miss T the victim of a ferocious slide tackle in soccer which saw her left kneecap nicely dislocate. Not bad for a non-contact sport.

A trip to our local emergency department and a memorable visit it the notorious "Fracture Clinic". If you have ever been to such a clinic you will know exactly what I mean. Let's just imagine 60 people arriving for an appointment at 7.15 AM. Yay!


Out for the season. 3 months


And crutches

And a brace from her thigh to her ankle.


She is slowly recovering but is devastated about the soccer season, letting her team down and becoming unfit. She did struggle with depression last year so three nights of soccer really helped with all that. I will be enroll ing her in an art course to give her a little outlet on the side and hopefully appeal to her creative self. 3 months is a long time.

So, last night the Silver Fox feels a lovely 'pop' in his calf and is limping away today. He is currently sitting on the couch with a nice pack in situ and his leg up.

Maybe they can take turns with the crutches?....

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  1. I am so sorry. Three months is a long time when you are young.



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