Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Biscuit Police...

Well, you see, it was the Silver Fox's birthday and he had a lovely time. I made him a cheesecake and he got presents galore, including something special from Ruth.

Now Ruth is the Mother of a friend of ours and makes the most truly amazing biscuits you have ever tasted. IShe is up visiting our friend and brought some over for the Silver Fox as a birthday present.

But, you see the Silver Fox doesn't like to share them because they were his present and I don't blame him because if they were mine I wouldn't share either. So, he will hand me one just occasionally and I think to date I have had 3.

So there I was in the kitchen today, cooking, cooking, shopping, putting away, cooking, washing up... You know how it goes. AND these biscuits are right in front of me.

Staring at me

Saying "eat me"

So I did. I ate one. Unseen. I made sure of that. I ate it slowly and really tasted it.


So, the Silver Fox came out and said " oh, I see you have helped yourself to my biscuits?"

What the?

I denied it of course

Hmmm, it would appear he had counted them so knew I had taken one.

He is turning professional. That sounds like something I would do.

I told him he was lucky I only took one

And he said I was lucky I only took one too

Haha, sounds like a potential Death By Biscuit situation.

ciao for now

just Martha

Ps: I am standing next to the biscuits now and the Silver Fox isn't home! I might send him a photo of me holding all the biscuits just about to eat them. Haha. He shouldn't mess with a professional!

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