Monday, 12 May 2014

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My Family 2014

Life has been pretty wonderful of late. It is heavenly having the Silver Fox back and I am ensuring we have a 'Family Day' every Sunday which includes no electronic gadgets and a walk or a ride somewhere with dog in tow. Just chilling and being together.

Miss T and I are off to see a surgeon today as it would appear her soccer injury is a tad more complicated with a fractured patella and a 1 cm foreign body floating around. I have booked her into a drawing workshop as she is missing soccer +++ and getting quite down. I need to nurture the artistic side.

I went on a recent get away with my gorgeous sister and it was heavenly to chill, chat, laugh and just be together. It was 6 months since I last saw her in person. Way too long. Ridiculous.

I then came back to some Mother's Day celebrations with my little family. Master T and I had a nice bike ride and watched Miss T having a driving lesson. She was doing pretty well too. It was kind of weird though to see her behind the wheel looking confident and sort of little. How can she be that old?

The photo above is from one of our Sunday jaunts, up a steep hill, before we knew the knee situation. This one I have 'Waterlogue-d' nice huh? The Silver Fox also had a torn calf muscle at the time so at least they could limp together.

Master T got a haircut for me which turned out to be rather s-h-o-r-t much to his horror. He was not at all keen to go to school today and declined my advice to tell everyone his name was 'Shorn' or that he had a fight with a lawnmower. Used to work when I was at school!

Trust your weekend was bliss. Life is good!

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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  1. Love your waterlogue pic, I think I will have to invest in this app!
    We also like to have a family dinner on sundays, it reminds my hubby & I of our own childhoods!!!


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