Monday, 24 November 2014

I Have a Cunning Plan...

Hey, see this? The Silver Fox and I have another house in us. Well, I have two because I want a container house but apparently it would be too difficult to get through council.

So the Silver Fox was doodling

There were conversations had about style, orientation, windows.. " what would you do differently..?" sort of comments

There was more doodling

A bit of a costing was jotted down on another bit of paper

A real estate person was called and asked to value our current home

There were lots of 'hmmmms' and some 'double-hmmmms' to be heard

More jotting

Some agreements:
Solar, timber floors, white palette, white and silver outside, number of bedrooms...

There were some disagreements:
'No bloody heated towel rail crap'
'Oh really?' I always say this when there is going to be trouble from me. (It is all I wanted in this house)

I won

Some more 'hmmmms' and we slept on it

So, currently we are just finding land, doing some costings. I want a small r-e-a-l-l-y clever house to suit two teenagers who may be staying until their mid-twenties. Well, best plan ahead

So, that is the brief: a clever, small house to suit 4 with 1 dog. Get the breeze right, the lighting right, the power points right, own bathrooms for the teenagers, 1 pool, perhaps a pool house....

What else? We have done it before. The skill will be to keep it timeless while ensuring a cost effective build.

Will keep you posted.

ciao for now

just Martha. X

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