Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Bra Shopping...

Miss T is taking me bra shopping...

Hang on a minute! That doesn't sound right?

But it is true. She is


The Silver a fox and I are going to a black tie event so I tried on ye ol' tried and true faithful from the back of the cupboard. Long, black... ticks all the boxes


It is some time now since I wore it and I might have gone bra-less then but not now. Certainly not now. It has sort of thick cross over straps and the front and my strapless bra can be seen from the front. Hmmm, as I was contemplating which was worse: seeing a bra or flopping breasts... Miss T chirp-ily informed me I needed some stick on cups.

"That will do the trick" apparently.

Really? Who knew?

And as a bonus there were no scathing comments about my dress, or me, or me in my dress!

So, I am off to buy some stick on cups for a func-shwa (function)

Come to think of it, they sound a bit painful.

I hope I keep my skin

You never know

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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