Monday, 10 November 2014

Interesting Logic...

Ahhhh, the Silver Fox. God love him

So we purchased some groceries as I wanted to make a monster bolognaise sauce to use and freeze. I bought 2 kg mince, loads of sauce mix, veges, garlic etc

So, the Silver Fox offered to make it

Noice. All that living from home has paid off and he has some serious cooking skills these days.

So, this is where the trouble began.

The discussion

The logic

The arguing

The Silver Fox was very hesitant to use the 2 kg of mince because he could make it with only 1 kg and save money.

Hmmmm, my point was that he was making 2 kg mince with all the sauce so we would have loads to put in the freezer and thus use in a variety of ways for a quick meal: bolognaise, Mexican mince, burritos... etc

His point was that he could still do these things and only use 1 kg meat

My point was if he did this then it would make less and be used quicker thus making the need to cook more. The point of using 2 kg was that it would make over 2 kg with the extras

His point was he could save 1 kg of mince that I could turn into hamburgers and he made lovely bolognese sauce and that it wouldn't be wasteful.

I told him to make 1 kg worth and... double it. He gave me a withering look.

Hmmm, he has obviously lost his mind

I told him to just make it and that I was going to blog about it as his logic was truly wonderful

He said that yep, that was him, wonderful

He did make the sauce but is still whinging about it

I'm surprised he didn't tell me to make it myself really but that would defeat the purpose wouldn't it of getting him to do it.

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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