Saturday, 31 January 2015

Tidy Tidy Time...

Open house today. We are getting smart though and tidying all week with a bit of a spit and polish the morning of.

Looking good though if "i's do says so me self" to quote Popeye.

I thought of offering the house with two teenagers thrown in but they have been better this week so I may reconsider. Maybe.

It's funny though, in different lights I see streaks and smears on the windows, fluff here, cobwebs there... I'm not sure how clean I need to be. Still hate cleaning windows thought - thankless task here with the salt.

So, just a few more things to do then we are going to have our weekends back to plan the next house.

Oh no, fluff on my couch! Haha

ciao for now

Just Martha. xx

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