Monday, 9 February 2015

Birthday Boy...

 It is this lovely man's birthday tomorrow. He will be 78.

We took him out on Sunday for a wonderful Spanish seafood paella

He is adventurous like that. The things this man has eaten in his lifetime would curl your toes. He talks about dinner at a palace with a Prince. I think sheep's heads were involved. And eyeballs. I kid you not.

Brave he is

He worked in the Antarctoc when he was 19 for 2 years I think. It was a tad chilly. He learned to cook and sew and wore a tuxedo to dinner parties. They were posh days obviously.

I've bought him a card - a nice, clean, insulting card. It is our 'thing'. He usually roars with laughter.

I've also got him some books. I tell him they are from the "dead boring" section of the bookstore. He always says he likes that section the best.

I've also got him some posh honey. He will smack his lips with anticipation

We will scoot down tomorrow with cake and the pressies. He lives about 8 minutes from me

Happy birthdah Daddy-o

 Ciao for now...


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