Monday, 2 March 2015

Silver Linings...

Well, it is the Silver Fox's and my 25 th anniversary this year and we have been lamenting about what to do to celebrate. We figure 2 nights away is probably enough being that it is soon to be exam time for the Teenies and that my Dad will supervise them and he is not in the best of health.

Ahhhh, what to do? We both have to agree so some of the ideas have been Cradle Mountain, Uluru, Port Douglas, The Whitsunday's, Crystal Creek, Byron Bay, a cruise....

We couldn't agree. I mean yes yes yes to Cradle Mountain but for 2 nights AND in Winter?

So. It has been decided. We are off to Binna Burra in the Gold Coast hinterland. A nice room with a fire, bushwalking, a picnic or two...

Hooray! Finally

I did say that I was prepared to sacrifice our getaway for a simple piece of diamond jewellery. Well, I was trying to be helpful...

My sister kindly suggested that her and I could go away together instead and celebrate our 25 th. Hmmm, I did give that some thought let me tell you!

It is our Silver anniversary so that of course means ..... Silver. Hmmmm, will have to think of something useful but meaningful too.

I am so excited! Mainly because it will be just down the road but also that we aren't wasting money unnecessarily keeping in mind the fact that we are selling and building and going to Italy next year.

We will be at the age soon where the Teenies will be a tad more independent, will be driving, working etc so we should be able to look forward to a few more soirées together. Not wishing my life away of course!!

So, something to look forward to. A little getaway for just the two of us.

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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