Monday, 7 September 2015

just Packing...

Well, my evenings and weekends are filled with packing, sorting, culling and wrapping.

I am being ruthless people, ruthless I tell you!

I have achieved the seemingly impossible. We have somewhere to move to for 3 months and then move into a rental for a year while we decide what we are going to do. AND they are happy to take a dog and offered to put in a dog door too! Wow. If you count ahead 3 months it means the second move takes place on 23rd December. Oh well.

The kids will be 18 and 16 next year and Miss T will be finishing high school so we have decisions to make about the next 5 years and where we will want to be.

Only I can pack as I need to be logical, sort for the small move and then the big move. I'm also labeling boxes for a garage sale which will happen after the final move.

My biggest challenge? My family saying "you can't throw that out!" Or playing with stuff as I pack. Yep, especially the Silver Fox!

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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