Thursday, 5 August 2010

Date With a Difference

 I am very excited! I am going on a 'Date Weekend'! 3 nights away. A plane trip. Off to visit LJ (sister) and her wonderful little family. BUT. Here is the thing. It is not with the Silver Fox. No, no, no....... It is with my beautiful Tweenie Daughter!!! And the Silver Fox is excited because he also gets a 'date' with Tweenie Son. Oh, the things we both have planned!!! Friends, do you have dates with your children? A big one-on-one session? We always have. It is all about doing what 'they' want to do, what 'they' want to eat, we go where 'they' want to go. Daughter's dates always include a bubble bath spa and a foot spa with nail polish, a meal out, and a movie. Son's dates? Well, they include lots of bike riding, a picnic and more bike riding...

Each year I take one child to visit LJ for a few nights. Sometimes it coincides with birthdays like Tweenie Son's 10th birthday this year, and sometimes it is just when we can fit it in. We have other dates too. If one child is away or, we just split up for a few hours. Why do we do it? Well, I want to get to know my children AND, I want them to know they are special and loved. AND, sometimes the Silver Fox gets a bit caught up in work so it is a way to get him to smell the roses on his journey through life. We talk about things, loves, worries and dreams..... The secret to Tweenie Son is to get his hands busy so then his mouth will talk!! Friends, remember this about your sons, and men in your life generally. Works like a charm.

Over the years I have caught some flack from other Mummies about my 'dates' and how I should take both children to see LJ. But, I stand firm. When we go, the other child doesn't feel left out because they are excited about their own 'date'. So, I ignore the comments and plan anyway. A trip to see LJ is very exciting for me as well as it involves some special 'sister time'. LJ has one of those special, amazing husbands who says 'go out to dinner girls, I will mind the kiddies'. Doesn't he sound heavenly. He is. No guilt trip!!  Thanks B-I-L. So off we will go to dinner, drink champagne, laugh a lot and usually share some tears. Great fun!!! Don't forget it is very important to charge your own batteries doing something you love. Well, for me, it doesn't get much better. We also get to spend time with LJ's children, which is very important too. I am determined to be the 'Cool Aunty'!!!

So friends, no posts for a little while as I concentrate on sharing the love around. Hope you have a great weekend......

Ciao for now

just Martha

PS: Thank you to all my 'followers' and friends who take the time to comment and to 'read' me. It is very exciting!!!!


  1. I miss having these special mother-daughter times with my mom. They are definitely priceless and will last forever!

  2. Hello, I just had to check out "just Martha" as my gorgeous daughter is Martha, named after her amazing great, great grandmother.

    I have three primary school kids and for quite a while, I have had "dates" with each of my kids. Usually a movie and a meal, but with Martha it is more likely to include cupcakes, babychino, cafes and shopping - nothing like a girl!

    It''s great because they can relax and talk without competing for time against siblings and it gives me opportunity to guage there developing personalities. I think this is a very important part of parenting in these busy times when it is so easy to lose track of time.

    So nice to "meet" you


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