Sunday, 8 August 2010

Back Again

Tweenie Girl and I are just back from LJ's house and we had a great time. Nothing like kicking around with the cousins and family to bring happiness!! Great talks, relaxing times, great food and just hanging out. My boys did boy stuff and Tweenie Son said he was having a great time until we got home. Makes me happy that (sort of) because it means that they were doing 'bonding stuff'. I am happy to step aside for them to develop their relationship together. He is at that stage where he needs his dad more. He needs to be shown mateship stuff, how to do boy things... He needs to learn to moderate his own emotions. He needs 'boy time'. What did they do? Rebuilt my son's bike and repainted it in yellow and black. Cool huh? He knows a thing or two now about washers and self locking somethings and why his back brakes 'stick'. Boy-stuff..... Boy-talk. Happy boys.

Tweenie Girl and I had a great time too. I was very proud traveling with her, watching people watch her, observing how she interacts with the world. I thanked her for being so good with her cousins and 'sharing' herself around, reading books to them, colouring in with them, bossing them when they needed it. She said she found it exhausting but hey, she is very good at it. It was nice to watch her interact on their level and then chat to her Aunty and Uncle about current events or favourite books etc. LJ couldn't really understand her at times as she does talk "Tweenie" which is very fast with lots 'you's thrown in. It was nice watching her be more conscious of this and trying harder.

LJ and I had great fun as usual. We went out to dinner with one of her divine friends. So nice meeting people that are important to people you love. Had lots of laughs and got kicked out of the restaurant at nearly midnight. Way to go girls. LJ and I conquered our personal nemesis and then.... not!!! Caused lots of laughter which was again related to a situation in March. Still chuckling. Note to self, never again!!!! She is a wonderful sister my LJ. So, thanks again. B-I-L was also home and was witness to the fun and frivolities. Thanks too.

Well, back to reality. Sort of. I fly back again tomorrow to go to a conference so now is washing, lunches, confirming pickup arrangements, sorting school uniforms........ as I am away for 1 night.... no Tweenies. Just with the work hat this time....

Ciao for now

just Martha

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