Monday, 9 August 2010

Darn It

I have bought a new plant. Actually it is my first plant in many years inside. Hmmmmm, why is that I wonder? Am I a black thumb? No. I just had children who ate e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! So, plants were out. They ate the plants and the dirt. Dirt is very tasty to any child of mine. Oh look, I'm happy for the immune system to be boosted people, it is just that they really did eat everything. Poisons Information knew us by name (felt like it) 'My child has just drunk Shower Power', 'My child has drunk Enjo Calcium stuff '...... Heck, i was always fishing something out from those pairs of jabber jaws!!! AND,  a lot of plants are poisonous, especially to the under 3 year olds who tend to be the age group to put stuff in their mouths. When Tweenie Girl was starting Pre-School (4years old) the garden, although beautiful as it was, was filled with poisonous plants. The plants produced berries and it was at this stage that they became poisonous (Fall out from one of Silver Fox's many careers - Landscaper Stage). So, I might just have happened to mention this to the teachers as a 'you know those plants are kind of poisonous don't you?.....' sort of question...... within earshot of the Principal (unknown to me at that time). They did a bit of research themselves and....... whoosh-ka. G-o-n-e!!! All plants ripped out and taken away. My, was I popular!!!!! I did get Silver Fox to donate some plants for the replanting but the Teacher's-Aid  who had worked there for many years never really warmed to me!! Ever!! I think she tended the garden........ Ooopsi!!

So, it is only now that I feel comfortable to delve into the world of indoor plants like this one above. Which is poisonous. But, at 12 and 10 years old hopefully the Tweenies will have a healthy respect for the real world. Hopefully. But tragedy has already struck!!! My plant had one flower. I say had because as I bent down to admire it and check the soil, my necklace got caught in it and as I stood up........... R-I-P............... G-O-N-E!!!!!.............. Maybe my luck hasn't really changed. Best go and find poison's Information's number now to keep handy just in case.....

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. Love this story! Laughed and laughed!

  2. Thanks Miss Prudence - still no flowers though.......


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