Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I'm Back - Again!!!

 Well fellow Bloggers I'm back - again!!! Dropped Tweenie Girl back home on Sunday. Did the never-ending chores and gone again Monday for a 2 day  conference near LJ but because I had just seen her, we didn't catch up. But, here is a weird thing!!! When I was down there on the weekend I met a lady and her family at Coney Island who lived not too far from me. I didn't know her know her but we got to talking as you do. Well, she and her family were on the plane last night sitting near me and she asked where my daughter was so I had to explain the whole jet-setting-lifestyle-story that is my life!! Not really - I think she knew by my yawning that perhaps I was burning the candle at both ends!!! Got back last night at 8.30. Back to reality. Silver Fox wants to know if I am back for a while. Let me think?? Yes. This life is too busy for me. I don't like leaving my Tweenies to be picked up and dropped off by others. Too many variables for me. Mind you, I had a room to myself, meals cooked, no driving, no dishes, no cleaning up................ it was nice while it lasted. Got to appreciate the everyday friends............
Ciao for now

just Martha

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