Saturday, 1 January 2011

Please Explain...


How is it that, from the very first day of school holidays, both of my children were out of bed and up at.....6.17am!!! How is it that everyday I have had to wake them, cajole, nag....... and when they c-a-n relax and sleep in.... up raring to go! Sometimes Miss T comes down 5 minutes before we are due to leave and still needs to do breakfast, chores etc and here she is full of beans a full 1.30hrs early!!!! Last night they got to be after midnight and yep, you guessed it, up at 6ish...Go figure...

Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. I remember being like that as a child, too. There's too much you might miss during the holidays if you're not up bright and early ;)

  2. Yup - murphy's law! Well my kids are always up at around 6.00am, holiday or not ..... but you get my vibe I think!!

  3. Happy New Year. My children have never woken before 7a.m. freaks that they are, great sleepers & if they do get up before me, they play & entertain themselves, brilliant!! My high schooler though, crow bar to get her up, she's in for a shock, her new school starts 30 minutes earlier, so we're leaving 45 minutes earlier as it's deeper into peak hour into the city. Oh no, that means i have to be up chipper & earlier, oh well, plan to exercise anyway, love Posie

  4. As long as they're not waking YOU up too early!! lol! It is very strange though, isn't it??


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