Saturday, 12 February 2011

Love: Sisters

Her favourite colour is orange...

Yesterday was my heavenly Sister's birthday! She was nearly a birthday present for my Dad. Not quite though so she still gets to celebrate a whole day to herself. She too is a light in my life and I know I am soooooo lucky to have a sister and one that I get on with. She is my BFF! I have done posts on her before and you can read about her here if you are interested. We call her LJ with the 'J' standing for John. It is not her real name but one that has stuck for quite a few years now.

There are 22 months between us with me being the elder sibling (middle child actually but let's explore that at a later date). I a-d-o-r-e-d my sister from the minute I met her. A bit too much it would seem so alas I was locked out of her bedroom before I killed her with kindness! At 4 weeks she was found lying in her cot with chocolate dribbling out of her mouth (did you put your hand over your mouth in horror? Jeepers! thinking about what could have happened...) At 6 weeks my Mother yelped in fright as she thought my sister was in her cot dead. She was rather pale but with an overdose of baby powder - everywhere including her face. They were quite right to lock me out really...

Unfortunately we don't live close to each other. If we did we could have had the most amazing child minding arrangements. Sigh... Alas, it was not meant to be but we make the extra effort to connect with each other and with each other's children. She is a great Mummy: calm, logical and kind. And strict. I like strict. She is a wonderful Aunt too.  My children adore her and she is good fun. My hope is to surround them with great role models so when they eventually tire of their parents, support will still be there. LJ is at the top of the list!

My sister is very glamorous and stylish and has a passion for handbags. That is what we are all giving her for her birthday and it is nice to know that such a gift will make her heart sing with joy. We speak nearly every day and she is loyal and kind and r-e-a-l-l-y funny. We both have different strengths which comes in quite handy for support. Sometimes she is much wiser than me. Here are 5 things about her:
  • She was terrified of Spiderman as a kid and used to think he was on her wall at night
  • She h-a-t-e-s spiders but is getting braver as she gets older
  • She l-o-v-e-s the colour orange
  • She has a bunny that she is absolutely potty about!
  • She l-o-v-es Turkish Delight (I take credit for her chocolate fetish having introduced her to the taste quite young)

So Happy Birthday for yesterday dear sweet LJ. May your year be filled with health, happiness and love.

 Ciao for now...



  1. What a truly special relationship you have with your sister Martha - to be treasured for sure.

    Wishing you both a wonderful year to come with many moments together.

    Felicity x

  2. I am tearing up here, Martha. I adore my two sisters and multiple law. And don't live near any of them.

    What a lovely account of your friendship with your sister.


  3. What a priceless relationship you have with your sister (or should I say nearly didn't have! - ahhh the logic of toddlers!

  4. Beautiful post! My girls are 15 and a half months apart and this is the relationship they have with each other. Although, right now with the hair pulling and biting I am not so sure it was a good idea to have them so close!


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