Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Things I Know...

These things I know:

  • That I have not yet learned how to 'save' a picture so that it will appear on my blog. Oh, I can use my photos but you know, the 'other' type. Feel free to email me with tricks of the trade.
  • I l-o-v-e routine. Thank goodness school has gone back
  • I also l-o-v-e that I haven't overbooked any activities for the Tweenies so after a busy week they can sleep in!
  • Having friends over for the Tweenies means I can relax. Yay!!
  • Miracles do happen. Welcome to little Zachariah!
  • Health is so very important
  • Sometimes friends need no questions, just a shoulder and a pat
  • Most of our washing is uniforms for all
  • It is Week 3 and all the socks in the wash have pairs! Fingers crossed it will last...
  • It is such beautiful weather at the moment
  • The price of grocery shopping seem to have increased quite markedly! Yikes!
  • Take time to pause
  • Take a deep breath and just 'be'
  • Be kind to all. Each has their own battle to fight
  • Life is good

 Ciao for now...


  1. Hi there. If I need to save a photo that I have found through google, or get a clip art from google,right

    click and a list of options will appear. You choose the Save picture as .. and click on that option in the usual way (i.e. by using the left click option). When the next box comes , make sure that you have it on Pictures (and not, for example, My Documents). Then enter a name where it says file name. This can be anything at all that you want to call your photo, and then press save. You will then be able to post that image direct to your blog, the same way as you are doing now with your photos. Do hope that this helps!

  2. Thanks Thisisme - and from your sick bed too!! Such a trooper. Get well soon...

  3. Hi Martha I've done some posts here which might help http://www.lifeonplanetbaby.com/p/blogging-tips.html J x


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