Thursday, 24 March 2011

just Reading...

Well, we are surviving without the Silver Fox... just. the night before he left the TV in the bedroom stopped working in the windy weather. The SF thought it might be the ariel (is that how you spell ariel or is this the mermaid spelling? Too much time spent watching kid's TV). Alas, I am without suitable distraction to get me to sleep. So I thought. In fact, I haven't really missed it!! I know it is bad energy to watch TV in bed and up until about 4 years ago there was never a TV to be seen except in the Media Room. In fact we were a 1 TV family which might be unusual today. But, the Silver Fox did buy m-e one for my birthday so in the bedroom it went.

So..... I have returned to reading instead. Works a treat and this is my book of choice at the moment. Sarah Ban Breathnach's Peace and Plenty. I needed to order it in. It is about, well, money.... It is about choices. It is about being 'thrifty'. Not frugal, stingy thrifty but generous, compassionate, thriving thrifty. In fact, it states the meaning of thrift as 'the condition of one who thrives, being endowed with good luck and good fortune'.

Hmmm, worth a look I think!!

Ciao for now... 


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  1. I think I need that book. Mimi xx P.S. I am sorry I have not emailed you back, I have been sooo busy packing my house up and working. I will try to answer you tonight. Mimi xx


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