Monday, 14 March 2011

Something is Missing...

We went grocery shopping on the weekend - the Tweenies and I. Now I l-o-v-e grocery shopping! Especially with children. Are you shocked? Oh look, there was a time when it was a nightmare. But. They are older. I hope this gives those of you with little ones something to look forward to. You see my Tweenies are my slaves!! They don't know it but I have trained them for years! Bwahahahaha!! They push the trolley, use their maths to seek out the bargain deal, load the groceries onto the belt, put the bags into the trolley, put the bags into the car, take back the trolley AND help unpack the car. They have even been known to put the groceries away! Bliss!! Heaven! Sometimes I let them put a little something in the trolley. Sometimes I don't. I try not to let this power go to my head but really, it is very enjoyable. Except when one tried to run the other one over with the trolley but then they get 'the look' and they know there will be no 'little somethings' in the trolley. Feel free to read more about my 'look' here. It is my secret power. Usually we also plan the weeks meals prior to starting to shop and suggest meals we would like.

Anyhoo, today shopping went something like this...

Me:      'What does everyone want for dinner this week?'

Silence (cue in thinking music)

Master T:      'We could have Beef Stroganoff'

Me:      'Nope. Dad cooks that'

Master T:      'What about salsa and spaghetti?'

Miss T:      'Nah, Dad cooks that. What about Devilled sausages?'

Master T:      'No, Dad mashes the potatoes. Who is going to mash the potatoes?'

Me:      'Well, you could mash the potatoes'

Master T:      'No, that's Dad's job'

Sighs then silence

We were all thinking the same thing. He has only been gone for 3 days. There is still 39 days to go!!!

Ciao for now... 



  1. Aaaw! I'm sure you're all missing Silver Fox very much. I love your story about the children really being involved with your grocery shopping! Brilliant.

  2. Bless... your tweenies sound delightful! You have inspired me to begin training Leo already and he's only 6 months old!

    Wicker & Stitch
    Mama & The Monkey

  3. hehe .. love 'The Power'

    You must be missing your boy... sounds like he chips in a lot too with the cooking.. .. all the food talk is making me hungry... and now I want Beef Stroganoff!!!

    Have a lovely week.. sans le cook.. ciao .. xxx Julie


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