Thursday, 16 June 2011

Number 2...

Miss T is unwell: temperature, cough... Sounds all too familiar to me. Off school, medicine, tepid baths, sleep. She wants to do her homework, even while she is snuffling and coughing away. Girls! So stoic really. She is 13 now and heavenly. A teenager officially. She loves that bit. She giggles alot. Finds humour in small things. Oh, she does have a bit of a dark side too. I usually send her for a bath if she is snitchy in the afternoon after school. Her life gets a bit complicated it would seem. I can usually hear her singing away after a few minutes. Water does that to her. Relaxes her like nothing else. She is part mermaid I think. I have always thought so. I ask her then if she wants to talk. She usually says no but might say yes so I keep the offer open. Now she is poorly and a bit snitchy. Being sick is like that  So far this high school/teenage thing is okay. So far. Hope she is better soon. She has soccer on Saturday that she will hate to miss it. 

Where has the week gone? For me it has been juggling my roles. Bit of smoke and mirrors really. It is all in the wrists....


Ciao for now...



  1. :( I hope she feels better soon and I hope my girls are as relaxed as yours when they hit the double digits. Although there's a big age difference between your girl and my six year old, they sound similar with the homework thing, even when they're feeling poorly! :)

  2. Such a cute image of the little teddy bear today! I love that word 'snitchy'. Hee Hee. I do hope that poor Miss T will feel better very soon, and I'm just hoping that you don't come down to it as well, Martha!

  3. What a run you've had Martha.
    I hope that everyone's feeling a whole lot better by the weekend.

    Clever strategy putting you gal into water when she's feeling snitchy, it works for me too. Whenever I'm heading into the Land of Snitch, a shower, bath or float in the pool will shift me from snitch to snazzy and everything's bright again.

    Biggest of hugs,

    xx F


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