Friday, 17 June 2011

Sick days...


Miss T wanted to sleep with me last night so I know she must be feeling r-e-a-l-l-y unwell as she had declined my offers thus far. I thought a week of each of the kiddies sleeping with me would suit but in the past she thought that was 'er, no thanks'. A kind but definite decline of my invitation. So last might I made her have a bath, new pyjamas, a slather of Vicks and into bed. Medicine, water, tissues, rubbish bin, tucked her in... All set.
What do you do when yours are ill? My mother used to change our beds and our pyjamas after we had a bath. She always told us we would feel better even though it was such a chore to have a bath when you are not feeling well. But you know, once tucked in we did feel better. Always. Do you ever look back on your childhood with adult eyes? Do you consciously take the good parts and consciously not take your un-favourite bits into your family life? This is one tradition I take.  To me it means love, security and comfort. Do you know what I mean about consciously looking at your family life with adult eyes? I spoke about it here some time ago.

Now, a promise. This blog is meant to be a bit deep now and then, to get you thinking about yourselves more and to remind you to take care of yourself. Of late I have been a little untrue to my original goal, maybe a little superficial at times. So, I promise to balance deep with superficial. Oh, did I tell you I am nearly finished my course? And my teacher said of my submitted work that it was of 'a very high standard'. Stoked really to receive such praise. I do like learning. Hmmm, maybe another course after this? Who knows.

Ciao for now...



  1. Your Mum sounds just like mine and you're so right about looking at family life with adult eyes.

    Hoping that your Bloss is feeling better as the day progresses.

    x Felicity

    PS Congratulations on your achievement with your studies

  2. Congratulations on doing so well on the course. Superficial is okay sometimes!!!! Hope Miss T gets well very soon, and how lovely that you are following on with your mum's traditions. Clean pyjamas is such a good idea! Look after yourselves over there this weekend, and hopefully all will be well next week.

  3. Yep. my mum would do exactly the same things - feeling clean and fresh was key in my mum's eyes for healing. I think she may have something there. When my dad was dying at home, she remade his bed daily!

    I should probably look to this tradition, but my kids are so rarely sick enough to take to their beds it just has never occurred to me. But that is a good thing.

    What course are you doing? I am just about to start another course too. Well done on achieving high results, it is so satifying.


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