Monday, 20 June 2011

Turquoise Window...


Hmmm, I wonder what can be seen from this window? The T's are on the mend although I had to chuff Miss T out the door for her 1st day back following her 'long weekend back to health'. She was c-r-a-b-b-y! However, life goes on and must resume some sense of normality. Master T is wandering around looking for stuff, still in his pjs. Not one to get a shifty on in the mornings either. Ahh, the joys!! He was, however, up on the weekend before 7 to watch TV. Hmmm, not really understanding his logic. 

Me? I'm blogging away, have to pack a clothing bag for charity and still have a lunch or two to make. Need to get a shifty on myself. I have just spoken the the SF and he had been up since 4am. 

I think the view from this window would be wonderful, new, exciting... Nah! Bit much for a Monday morning I think. Have a lovely day everyone.

 Ciao for now...

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