Sunday, 21 August 2011


I had taken the kiddies to a fast food restaurant for a quick meal (!) after Scouts and had an opportunity to witness first hand the superficiality that is alive and well today.

Okay, to set the scene, we were waiting for our food when a man came returning his cup of tea. He was very bereft that the tea was cold. He was 'so disappointed', was 'terribly disappointed'. They offered to make him a new one but he was very keen to point out how 'upsetting' it was.

What the!!!!

I, on the other hand, was incensed. By the tea? By the injustice in his world?




By his view of the world. By his morals and his norms. His standards.

I wanted, dearly, to shake him until his teeth rattled

In my world a cold cuppa does not deserve a mention. In the world I live in Norway deserves such a reaction, I empathize with Mr and Mrs Morcombe and their unwanted journey and feel upset that a helicopter ride can change so many lives.

I bit my lip and kept my opinions to myself. But, the kiddies knew by my scathing snort that I was peeved to say the least.

I mean really. Is he unique or am I out of line and judgmental?

Set me straight. Am I justified or just insensitive to the daily plights of others?

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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  1. Just had to read this post Martha, after seeing the title! Oh, you are SO right and I SO agree with you. What is it with people these days?! They just haven't got a b....y clue! Oh, I feel your anger from here and I am now starting to feel just as angry. I mean, come on, his cup of tea was a bit too cool for him. Get a life, and get over it!!!


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