Friday, 19 August 2011

Moira Moira...

Have I told you about Moira and her gift? Moira was a friend of my Mum and was from 'the old country' (Scotland). Now Moira was a childhood friend and grew up with my Mum. She developed TB as a teenager and spent many years in a sanitarium. On the day she was finally released in good health, she announced she was getting married. Turns out she fell in love with someone's visitor. My Mum was bridesmaid and they continued to be friends long after my Mum moved to Australia.

Now Moira came out a few times to visit and was a very cool lady. I met her quite a few times over the years and she was strong, opinionated and very funny. Moira alway gave the same present to us. A car park whenever we needed one. Just ask.

So for many years now we have chanted "Moira, Moira, please give us a car park". You know what? Works like a dream. Every time. Even my niece and nephew when they were tiny would join in on the chant.

My present to you? Is a car park whenever you need one. I am passing on to you Moira's positive karma.

Just ask

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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