Monday, 22 August 2011

Things I Know...


I think I am a little overdue for this post as writing stuff down helps me to think clearly. So, these are the things I know:
  • A snuggle on the couch with my little man is bliss. We seem to fit together just right.
  • I am in love with chai latte at the moment. Sorry hips
  • I feel so much better when my hair behaves itself. Do you?
  • Sometimes I have a little hole in my heart where my happiness slowly drips out. Not sure why. Does that happen to you?
  • Fresh sheets bring me joy. Simple but true
  • I have started Christmas shopping. It's not that far away really
  • I am so excited to have finished my course. I have already read a book- guilt free!
  • I heard back today that my assignments were 'a pleasure to read' and 'could I send a electronic copy to be used for teaching'. What the? How darn exciting!
  • I read a book on the ipad and you know what? It really wasn't the same as the usual turn-the-page type of read. Oh well.
  • The weather has been blustery and rainy and cold. Nice really
  • The Silver Fox should be home soon for a few days. I think he is a bit lonely by himself
  • Miss Teenie has read my blog and likes the way I 'interpret life'. Hmmm, is that good do you suppose? She is very pleased I changed her from a Tweenie to a Teenie. No problem
  • The Ts are going camping this weekend so I get a night to myself. I hope the weather clears a bit for them. Camping in this weather is beyond character building
  • I am determined to have my yearly weekend away with my sister this year in October/November even if the SF is away. Our last yearly one was in 2007. Not good enough really is it?
I think that is enough for now. Life is good and I can hear Grand Designs calling me

Ciao for Now

just Martha


  1. Damn it, i missed Grand Designs, Kevin can't exist without me as his audience, judge & jury.
    My children read my blog, thus my brutal honesty, they love being mentioned, love Posie

  2. Another terrific post.
    Clean sheets are a true gift for me and even better if someone else has a] washed them and hung them in the sun to dry and b] put them on the bed with neat folds.....I think the only time this may have happened was in childhood - still I like it almost as much as when I do it myself.

    Congratulations on a] completing your course & b] receiving such validating and no doubt well-deserved feedback.

    Thank you for making me think about Christmas, I'm determined it is going to be a stress-free and exciting time this year, so planning is essential.

    Grand Designs - oops missed it! Am actually preferring to watch it on iView these days and must confess there are times when I FF to the last 5 minutes of reveal - naughty I know.

    Happy day Lovely!

    xx Felicity

  3. I'll block them if they try ! My blog, my space! My happy place where kids don't talk just look pretty! Selfish I know, but there you have it, I am being honest.

    Good on you for finishing your course with stunning results!! As if we thought you wouldn't!!

  4. You can't beat clean sheets and a good book. I always says it's the little things. Walking my dog and seeing how happy he is; so easily pleased brings me joy.

  5. what a lovely post
    the clean sheets bit got me - its always my favourite night :-)
    I refuse to think about Christmas yet though


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