Sunday, 25 September 2011



I am doing a quick post as I'm waiting for some relatives to come for dinner and then the SF's Mum is staying a couple of nights and bringing a girlfriend too. So, hmmm, that makes 8 for dinner. Lasagne cooking as we speak and a nice salad. My Dad is bringing focaccia. He is posh like that that. Maybe a lemon-drizzled cake for dessert. Sound nice?

I have neglected you all. I'm so sorry. As you know I finally finished my Cert IV and low and behold, there was a casual teaching job advertised so I have applied for that. As I previously wrote, the idea was to sell myself so after being up until 2 am for 5 mornings, my application was emailed with 20 minutes to spare. Phew!!! I HATE working like that.... rushed until the very last second. However....... I did get very c-r-e-a-t-i-v-e towards the end. Sleep deprivation and deadlines does that to a girl. They wanted to me to prove how I knew stuff. So, I did. I even went as far as to explain in great detail how I could use the photocopier as part of my 'communication' skills. Do you think it was a bit extreme of me? Seemed a good idea at 2 in the morning let me tell you. So, 23 pages later..............

I've concluded that I would employ me. I sounded quite perfect on paper!!! Now, if only there wasn't an interview (if I get one of course!!)

So, yesterday marked the beginning of the school holidays and I took the kiddies shopping and out for lunch. Today I have a long walk on the beach with some friends and then went to meet some other friends who were camping close by. I came in handy as there was a split head to fix!!!

So, some visitors have arrived. Best go and be the hostess with the most-est. Looking forward to bed let me tell you. Did I tell you that I have started my challenge again? I told the Silver Fox that next time he saw me I would be wearing a flower on my lapel!!!

So far so good.....

Ciao for now...



  1. Sounds like you have done a fabulous job on your application!!! Hope you have a great couple of days & enjoy the holidays!!!

  2. Good luck with your application, and enjoy the holidays. Mimi xx


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