Tuesday, 20 September 2011



Although splendid, my life is pottering away (that's for you Glenda) with the everyday and is in a constant bargaining state. 'If i do this then I can do that' sort of everyday conversation. I have had to think quite laterally of late. My car smelled 'funny' and was losing water on a daily basis. Not much but even my girl spidy-senses could tell something was amiss. Luckily I didn't choose to drive miles to Anaconda that day because my water pump was pooped. I know this because I found a highly recommended mechanic and was armed with a list from the Silver Fox as to what to check. He was a mechanic you know in a past life so it is never a profession I have frequented due to SF fixing everything. But alas, he is away and even if he were to come back the logistics of ordering parts and him fixing the car would totally overshadow any family time. I pick it up tomorrow and my sweet girlfriend is picking me up and taking me. Awww!

Now I am bargaining with myself because I have that application to write to do some casual part time teaching and have since found out it can be from 5 - 25 pages long when addressing the 10 point selection criteria. Apparently I need to, ahem, 'sell myself' which is a new concept to me as I wasn't really brought up that way. I only have until Friday to do it and once I get started I should be okay. But, you see, my life is getting in the way. There is still kids, food, shopping, banking, work, folding etc to contend with. Also, I have started another Challenge at the gym and am quite exhausted at the end of the day. Will be I suppose until I increase my fitness somewhat.

So, I need to remind myself, as above. To enjoy each moment because each moment is my life.

If you are going to pop in, give me notice so I can hide the ironing...

 Ciao for now...



  1. Good luck with the application, the whole process nowadays just blows my mind & keeps me well out of the workforce. I haven't had a job interview in a dozen years, i'm pretty sure i'd be telling them what to do, just go into mother mode, God help any employee younger than me!! Love Posie

  2. Ah,and you are being a single parent for large sections of time . . . no wonder you are a little weary.

    And thanks for the mention. I feel very "in the know." Enjoy some pottering today. (If it wasn't for you, I would have thought you were planting in the container garden.) :-)



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