Sunday, 30 October 2011

just Shopping...

Okay, okay I have started Christmas shopping. I'm not writing to boast. It's just that who can resist a gorgeous Marley and Lockyer parcel when it arrives? Especially when it looks like this!
Ordered straight from her Etsy shop. Bliss!!

I am going to turn these into Christmas decorations for my friends with a little ribbon and another small gift.... maybe a Crabtree and Evelyn something.....

The owl might not make it out of the house

I'm just saying....

 Ciao for now...



  1. I wouldn't want to part with any of them....very nice nice nice

  2. Oh love all of Nesses goodies. Think I'd have a lot of trouble parting with them too! Your friends are very lucky . X

  3. Oh you're such a fabulous friend to share any of these.
    Ness is such a clever cookie isn't she?

    Scooting over to do some online 'browsing' now.

    Happy day!

  4. They are all gorgeous..I don't think I'd want to give any away either. It'll be a hard decision deciding who'll get what I'd think!

  5. I would struggle to part with any of them. Ness' tags are so lovely. Great buy. xx

  6. The holiday season is fast approaching and you do not want to be stuck doing your shopping last minute. Educational toys are a great gift to give to any child because they can have fun while learning at the same time!

  7. They'll make such lovely gifts and what a beautifully wrapped package - I wouldn't have wanted to open it! I'd be keeping the owl too :)


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