Saturday, 29 October 2011



Aaahhh, the weekend! I am half way through my 12 week challenge which meant a morning of re-assessment: beep test, sit ups, push ups, arm dips, brace and to follow, a lovely 2.4km run. All before 8am. I feel fitter and stronger than I have in a long time. Since I did the 10km run in Byron (here), I  have the mindset of "2.4 kms? No worries". So this morning shaved about 3 minutes off my first, rather tragic, attempt.  My overall goal is to beat Mother Nature at her game and be as fit and healthy as I can be before my metabolism succumbs to my hormones, or lack of then, or whatever happens to them....

Family visiting this weekend, loads of washing to do. Master T wants some 'skins' and I am in desperate need of a shower after all that workout. Lucky you can't smell me. Master T thinks I smell like kangaroo food. That can't be good!

Trust your weekend is full of happiness, relaxation and love. The Silver Fox caught up with an old friend last night who happened to be in his neighbourhood so I wonder if he is bright and chirpy this morning? I will be a good wife and not ring him.

I'm a bit excited that I have not much planned as life has been quite hectic of late...

 Ciao for now..


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    After attending the Junior Noosa Tri as a cheer squad this morning I'm most impressed by all the kids that turned out with their ever-so-proud families to participate in this healthy activity.

    Maybe you should lock in the date for you next year - you'd have somewhere to stay and a very enthusiastic cheerer on the sidelines!

    PS: We have lots of kangaroos here and they only seem to eat our juiciest green grass, so if you smell like that, you're OK in my books.



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