Thursday, 27 October 2011

Here Socky, Socky, Socky...


We have trouble with socks in this house. We always have (see here). They sort of disappear... Now, my motto is "put it in the wash and it will be washed". I know. I'm crazy like that. But, I get blamed for socks going missing when in actual fact they absconded well before the Cold Power came out.

This week Master T had 3 socks. Can you see the dilemma? 2 socks were worn to Scouts where he was doing some sort of crazy water assessment where he had to swim 50meters and tread water for 15 minutes. Something to do with canoeing I think and his ability to survive should he be chucked out of the canoe. So, Master T insisted on wearing his school socks into the water and was most indignant that I hadn't washed and dried them that night. Hello? I'm a once-aweek-washer-woman!

So in the morning.... 1 sock. "Find a solution" I apparently said, thinking Master T would just wear sports socks with his day uniform.

No. Apparently that is not allowed.

He changed into his sports uniform and was going to say to the teacher the excuse that I said "find a solution" and this was his solution. The teacher didn't notice him in a sea of blue and gray dressed in blue and yellow. Go figure.

So today he went with the wrong socks and money to buy new socks. Yep. I thought that was a good solution too. Nope. School doesn't sell uniforms now as of last week. Who knew? So he came home with 'spare socks'. I didn't want to ask if that meant 'lost property' or not. So, now we need to go to our local shopping centre and buy socks, which will have to wait until the weekend.

Still one school day to go though

Does anyone else have weeks where things are just a bit out of alignment? I'm all for stapling socks to feet myself. Who is with me???

 Ciao for now...



  1. that is such a funny story! love that Master T logic!

  2. I have noticed that my 25 year old goes to the shops every month or so for a new stash of socks for work. I just don't know where his collection of old ones hide. Is there a home for old socks anywhere??

  3. We are the same here, MOTH goes bunter crazy & blames me!! However I spied puppy Lulu heading off to her favourite hidey hole in the garden this week with something in her mouth. I followed her & found a least 7 of MOTH's socks stashed in the undergrowth!
    Millie x


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