Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Things I Know...

I do this occasionally. Write a little blurb on things I know, what I have learned of late, things that either inspire me or make my heart sing. I have a great life and I think I appreciate it more as I get older. I think I appreciate a lot of things more. Maybe it is because I have children. Or maybe it is because I am just getting wiser. I have recently fallen in love with owls so maybe the last bit is the truth... I have learned a lot about myself since the Silver Fox has been away:

I can survive. I'm not sure all women think that. I don't wish to be single though. I might survive but certainly do not thrive

I can organize my own mechanic

Christmas is coming whether we are ready or not

Moving furniture around still makes me excited. I'm a cheap date like that. When I was little and my Mum changed my bedroom around, I literally couldn't sleep that night

I haven't really had a drink if alcohol since the Silver Fox has left. A sense of responsibility I'm thinking, only parent around and all that

I'm really liking this Fitness Challenge this time. New instructor and quite, well, challenging really. I am proud of what I can do, without injury.

I dislike the smell of Lily flowers. Always have. Smells like cat's urine to me. Can smell them a mile awayI appreciate their beauty though

Anything hazelnut praline-ish tastes like soap to me. Ferraro Roche are very safe in my fridge. I've even tried to eat them holding my nose. Nope. Soap!

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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  1. A great list and a wonderful read with lots of "Snap!"s from me except for the last two.



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