Saturday, 22 October 2011


Are you mindful?

What do I mean?

Do you stop to take a breath and.....notice things?

Do you live in the moment?

Do you appreciate the everyday, the now, the here?

Or do you rush... from A to B? Living life as the destination rather than the journey?

Take a little moment to think about it. Think about how you view the everyday. If you have small children it is very easy to rush, rush, rush...... Be 'doing' all the time.

Just consider if you will, to take time to notice things, little things. And take pleasure in the every day. Live the journey in life, not the destination. Even if it is only for 5 minutes per day....

I went on a course this week and had a 21/2 hour drive there and back. The Silver Fox was still at home. To say it was an inconvenience was an understatement. I was cross and the course was set out over 2 days for 9 hours each day. I was.... 'volunteered' to go. My attitude was not really the best. Oh, I wasn't outwardly critical, just sort of .... disengaged, passive, quietly rebellious.

Then I saw this, in all its glory....

How beautiful. How darn perfect, old, healthy, clever and symmetrical.

Thank you Mr Jacaranda. For reminding me to appreciate the beauty around  me, for helping me to live in the moment. For helping me to realize how good life is

Don't you agree? Come on.... give it a try. This 'being mindful' business.

 Ciao for now...



  1. Great reminders and good on you for seeing the beauty around you too.
    Happy weekend, may it be filled with fun, laughter and reenergizing moments.


  2. WoW!tHAT Jacaranda tree is stunning. What a gorgeous colour. I'm not so sure that I used to be mindful when my daughters were young, but I certainly am now, as I get older. I really do appreciate every day and the beauty all around me that nature provides. Have a lovely weekend dear Martha.

  3. I was only looking at a street full of Jacaranda's yesterday afternoon and said to my hubbie and children. Look at these beautiful trees! They do take your breath away! Mimi xx

  4. Thanks for the reminder. The tree is truly beautiful. xx


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