Monday, 2 January 2012

just Reality...

Glorious day!!!

Aaah, it was good while it lasted. Back at work tomorrow. Have spent the last few days at the creek or the beach, picnic in hand, relaxing and chilling out with my family. It has been heavenly. We are all settling back in nicely as a foursome. Yippee!!

Back to the gym tomorrow too. My rules are 6 days per week. I'm like that. All or nothing. Whole block of chocolate or none. I best have none. I haven't really overindulged during the silly season which is good. I still have 5 kg to lose as part of my 'plan'. It will take blood, sweat and tears. I know it. Sigh!

Catching up with friends next weekend for more relaxing, swimming, hanging out. Met some new neighbours today and they said "oh, your the family with the cute dog". Yep, that's us. She draws a crowd wherever we go. I don't think I have met so many new people in such a short period of time.

Slowly, life is creeping back to normal. I can hear strange noises coming from my washing machine so I had best find that receipt and check my warranty. Sigh again!! I hope it is easy to find and won't fall victim to my 'safe place' debacle!!!

The Silver Fox made some scrumptious salt and pepper calamari last night and we ate the leftovers today. It is good to have him back...

 Ciao for now...


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  1. My husband heads back to work tomorrow too which I'm a little sad about - has been nice spending the week together with our girls and having an extra pair of hands around the house hasn't hurt either :) Hope your week is a lovely one x


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